On Thursday night I went to Pioneer Park for one of their many “Concerts in the Park” nights! It was really fun! The cool thing about it is that it’s free! Me, my sisters, my mom and my grandma had a picnic and we got to watch an amazing performance!

If you’ve watched this latest season of America’s Got Talent, you’ve probably heard of the Hot Shot Tap Dancers. They were one of my personal favorites! Well anyways, the Hot Shot Tap Dancers were the ones who performed at the park! It was awesome! Me and my sisters got to sit up front and we even got to take a photo with them afterwards!

I think it was the best free concert I’ve ever been to!


Computer Problems!!!

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Hi everyone! You’ve probably been wondering why I haven’t been blogging! My computer has been having serious problems lately. Hopefully they’re solved for now. Anyways…, I’ll be sure to have a blog post by Monday!

Thanks to all of my supporters!

-Breauna : )

Musical Stereotypes

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It seems like we give different genres of music what we would call stereotypes. A lot of people are stereotyped, but sometimes we don’t even realize our stereotypes towards certain music. For example, classical music is a very common stereotype. When someone says classical music you probably imagine this….

There is more contemporary classical music in today’s society, like this…..

Another genre of music that is stereotyped is Christian music. When you think of Christian music, you probably would think of this…..

I’m not saying this song is bad, because I actually love this song, but sometimes you wish there was more current sounds put to Christian music. A lot of people think there’s no cool Christian Rock bands, and there’s definitely no Christian rap, but they’re wrong!

Watch this!

Now stereotypes are broken.

For more information about any of these amazing music artists, check out these pages below!




What Has Music Come To !?!?!

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I don’t understand why so many people have lost their minds! If you don’t get what I mean, maybe you will after this video!

These parents are insane and should be ashamed of themselves!  Who in the right mind would expose their 7year old daughters like that? I’m only 13 and it sounds like I would be a more responsible parent than them!

It seems like music artists have changed. For example, Mariah Carey. I used to be able to listen to some of her older cds, but any of her current ones have to do with stuff not even a 18 year old should be thinking about!

Miley Cyrus has changed too. She went from sweet and vulnerable Miss Hannah Montana to what we know as a skanky performer like Britney Spears. She had a big switch in less than a year!

Almost all of today’s rappers have at least a few bad words in their songs. It’s pitiful! It seems like the music artists of today don’t even realize the impact their having on kids my age and younger! It’s like they’re oblivious!

Seriously! How hard is it to make just one song without using a cuss word? It isn’t hard at all!

Hopefully our world of music will change someday! At least I hope!

My Music!!!

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I love music!!! It doesn’t matter if it’s rock, country, gospel, or rap. I love all music, but I have a confession! The only music I absolutely hate is super grunge hard rock. I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs with you! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This is Lecrae a Christian rapper!

Paramore-Ignorance! My fave band!

Justin Bieber Fever!

Taylor Swift is awesome!

These are my two favorite singers! They have such a cool bluesy tone!

What’s Up!!!

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Hi everyone reading this!

This blog marks the beginning of my fashion and writing career. I at first wanted to be a singer, then a basketball player, then a designer, and finally a writer. I want to specifically focus on fashion, but I also like writing about other things like music, sports, etc. Writing is my passion. It’s what I love to do and it’s what I can see myself doing for the rest of my life!

I hope you enjoy my posts!